Welcome! After a long haitus, I’ve decided to bring linuxhardware.net back in a new, more relevant form.  Linuxhardware.net originally launched in 1998 as user contributed database of experiences with hardware under the Linux operating system.  However, over the years, hardware compatibility with Linux became less of an issue, as not only was more and more hardware supported over time, but many projects and distributions did a great job documenting what worked and what did not.  Users now had less mystery when deciding on what to use in building their Linux desktop systems.

Today, Linux is prevalent on not only desktops and servers, but on “smartphones”, PDAs, and other devices.  I’d like to relaunch linuxhardware.net as a discussion of Linux and specific hardware devices, rather than a listing of which ethernet cards work under Linux. Those listings are now, thankfully, well documented, and I will try to provide current resources, under “Hardware Help”, that contain such information.  Please feel free to send any useful resources/comments/suggestions to mark@linuxhardware.net. Thanks!